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Our Story

Let's Stop Controlling and Replace it With Peace

As a woman of the 20th century, it’s hard to wear all our hats of being a wife, mother, running a household, and staying fit, all while having a successful career. It’s frustrating wanting to be perfect at all things and trying to control every situation. Deep down we know we’re worthy and deserving of a great life. We want to feel special, confident, and empowered. It’s essential.  We want to follow our purpose and consciously create our dream world.

We’re on the same spiritual path all seeking to relinquish our controlling, perfectionism, and undeserving ways. It’s time to follow a path of bliss by aligning with universal love.

30+ Years of Spa and Skin Care Experience

My name is Leslie. I’m a born creative solopreneur and an unwavering optimist. By the age of 21, I owned my own successful spa. I switched gears after 8 years and taught the aesthetics program for the next 5 years, which I found very rewarding. When I became a mom of two, I switched back to running a day spa. Throughout my 30+ years of being in the spa industry I’ve taken endless courses in skin care and technology. I absolutely love being able to help someone with their skin issues, bring about skin balance, heal, and even erase a few years with the proper treatment. Most of all I love to empower you with confidence to face the world with a big smile, spreading joy and love.

Conscious Creation

In addition, from a very early age I was drawn to the concept that ‘we create our own lives, attract what we want to manifest, and therefore consciously create our world’. I’ve spent most of my adult life reading about it, taking courses, going to lengthy retreats, and practicing it. I find it the most exciting topic of anything else I could study!

Years ago, when I was devoted to the principles I’d learned, I believe I did make magic happen in many areas of my life. For example, after 2 failed marriages, I married a wonderful man and we have a terrific life together with our 2 children. I fully believe I consciously created this, plus my successful career.

I’ve had this quote by my bedside table for about 15 years.
"Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell

At one time, we lived in a small rancher and I dreamed of a big beautiful new home. ​It should have been impossible for us to afford, but following my spiritual path and conscious creation, I manifested it. We found a custom builder, and we designed our house on the edge of a 70-acre green space, with a small lake, and gorgeous mountain views.

Eight years later and life was good, but I felt that there should be so much more. I started to realize that I became comfortable and let go. I fell back into my old controlling, perfectionistic ways. I’d been trying too hard to make my dreams happen and going about it all wrong.

Then Tragedy Struck

2019 was a tragic year for my family. My precious dad got sick. It was a total blind-side because he was in good health and incredibly fit. He was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor! They told us it was in the center of his head and there was nothing they could do! Being the ‘control-freak’, and the optimist (which is really my conscious creation, that I’d forgotten about) I decided he wasn’t going to die! Along with my mother and brother we put my dad on everything holistic. We sent him to a Naturopathic Oncologist plus a Spiritual healer. We seemed to be making positive progress until​ 5 long months after his diagnosis, we lost my dad. The tumor was too advanced by the time it was discovered.

When my dad passed away, he left me with an amazing gift. To feel close to him, I turned inwards and realigned with my spiritual beliefs about the Universe. (This may be God to you, it doesn't matter) The clearer I became, the more magic I started to witness every single day. I’d forgotten about the magic! Not only did I feel connected to my dad, but also the love & joy of the universe. I reclaimed my 'conscious creation’ and got back on track creating my magnificent life.

Along my journey I started to remember what I’d discovered many years before. What I'd thought were good attributes and traits, what kept me organized, focused, goal oriented, & hard working… were doing me much damage. They were stealing my freedom and peace. I was a controlling perfectionist, plus a sensitive people pleaser… And it was making me crazy.

It took me back to where I’d left off 15 years ago. I started reading every fantastic author on the subject and I went back to journaling and meditating again.  

The more I work on eliminating my old core beliefs of unworthiness, the more I relinquish control, the more I trust that the universe has my back…. the more I have faith and live from a place of love and not fear!

For a person who needs to be in control, it’s extremely difficult to surrender, and then trust. Once you can, it’s the most freeing, calming experience you can enjoy. I now measure my success on how much fun I’m having. I’m relaxed. I’m valuable. I’m worthy of greatness.

I meet a lot of woman in my business and I’ve discovered that a lot of you are just like me…. middle-aged (Ok, I'm 50 something) a hardworking mother, an A-type personality, and a perfectionist with a need to control.

My purpose has become very clear. I’ve always wanted to run my business online and have a digital store where I can sell my own affordable skin care, along with inspiration and guidance. I love helping women find joy, peace, happiness, and balance in your life. Uniquely I was meant to bring my two favorite things together.

I've named my skin care: 'Follow Your Bliss' with a tagline....'and your path will light up'.

If you're a woman seeking great quality affordable natural skin care....also on a spiritual path, seeking to relinquish your undeserving mindset and controlling ways, for a magnificent consciously created life, and you want to follow a path of bliss by aligning with Universal love...then I believe our paths were meant to cross.

My products each have their own unique name to offer you peace and tranquility. Use each product as part of your self-loving ritual, empowering your beliefs that YOU ARE 'deserving' and 'valuable'. They will remind you of your ongoing journey to ‘Follow your Bliss and your path will light up’.

Together we can take this journey in learning to surrender, and align with our higher power to consciously create the best life we can dream of! My focus will always be on your skin care needs, what makes your skin unique, and how I can best serve you. This is going to be a ton of fun! I’m so happy you’re joining me.