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What Does it Mean to Follow Your Bliss?

What Does it Mean to Follow Your Bliss?

"If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all

the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are

living. Wherever you are — if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that

refreshment, that life within you, all the time." ~ Joseph Campbell


Joseph Campbell was an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known

for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work covers

many aspects of the human experience. His philosophy is often summarized by

his phrase: “Follow your bliss.”


To find your own personal bliss, you can simply sit quietly and meditate about a

time in your life when you were the happiest. Stay in that moment and feel what

stirs inside you. When you think you've figured out at least one thing that makes

you feel blissful, then stay with it.


Spiritual bliss comes from being totally connected with yourself, your soul, your

body, and a higher power (meaning everyone). It’s a high experience of life,

without our material world trappings, rich with simplicity and details that opens us

up to a quality of life.


“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know

they were going to be.”  ~Joseph Campbell


Following My Bliss

Many years ago, when my kids were 5 and 2 years old, I was working at home in

my little spa. We’d sold our larger day-spa, I'd moved on to teaching aesthetics for

the next 5 years, and I now was back to running my spa from home. We

converted our garage into a gorgeous setting, only I was losing interest in general

aesthetics. I was working long hard hours and wasn’t enjoying the labor-intensive

manicures or pedicures. I wanted to spend more time with my little ones and do

work that was creative. Every day as I worked, my heart wasn’t in it, it was pulling

me away to be with my toddlers plus my mind was whirling with creative ideas. My

head was telling me that it wasn’t practical. There’s no way I could close up shop

and follow my heart. After all, I had a successful little spa with a loyal clientele I’d

worked hard to build, and besides we couldn’t afford me not to have my income.


I became very unhappy and then anxious. I wasn’t doing what I was meant to. I

wasn’t where I was supposed to be. My head was screaming at me to stop

making a fuss and just do to work, but my heart was aching for my kiddos and

something more. I was hating what I was doing. Eventually I listened to my heart

and concluded that I didn’t need to get my head around anything. If I wasn’t meant

to continue with the work I was doing, but rather be with my kids and change my

career course, then the universe would take care of the details no matter how

scary the decision, or daunting the lack of revenue. In support of my strong belief,

I took a 6-month sabbatical. I didn’t want to completely lose what I’d worked so

hard to acquire, so I announced to my clientele that I was taking a 6-month break

to spend time with my kids and re-evaluate. They were disappointed but said

they’d wait. I found them a temporary electrologist and recommended another 

spa. I knew I was going to lose clients and was taking a chance, but deep down I

was being pulled in another direction. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever return. I needed to

follow this path. One week into my sabbatical with no income, my brother told me

about an online program where we could earn passive income. I jumped in with

him and we started to make some great money. It was amazing, I was being taken

care of and enjoying my kids. The universe was guiding me and supporting my


About 6 months later, our online venture was starting to fizzle, plus I knew that I

couldn’t keep my clients on hold any longer. I needed to either start up again or

completely shut down. With the help of my best friend who is a master marketer,

business designer & creator, we dissected my old spa and dug into what was my

true passion? Where was my heart taking me? Turns out, it wasn’t general

aesthetics. It wasn’t hum drum treatments. It was more of a Medi-spa where I

could introduce new exciting technology and products, be creative, and really help

women feel good about themselves. We developed a new brand identity and

renamed my studio 'Blissfully You Skin Spa'. I brought in medical grade skin care

and equipment such as lasers and Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, and

Derma-planing... I was now specializing. I got to spend my time being creative. I

was able to cut back on my hours to enjoy my family, and because of the high-end

services my income grew rapidly. The demand was there, and I followed my



This reinforced for me that when we have the courage to follow our inner prompts

and go after what we are most passionate about, the universe often finds creative

ways to support our every need.

Since that time, I’ve witnessed many more life changing events where I’ve

listened to my heart’s wisdom and gone after what I’m most passionate about to

ensure that I’m aligning with the path I’m meant to follow.


Here’s a check list from Julie Hoyle that I like to follow to make sure that my

feelings and actions are aligning.


  1. Listen.

Take note of when your heart rises with joy and excitement in response to a path of action, a new idea, or an opportunity. Don’t miss the moment and let it slip away. Trust what you are hearing.

  1. Act.

Take at least one step toward what your heart is saying and create an intention. Keep a journal and inquire, “What can I do right now to bring this dream into manifestation?”

  1. Share.

Tell those you trust and who are able to safely hold the intention with you. Ask for support and input. Don’t be afraid to express your wildest, most extravagant dreams.

Julie continues to say…

“When we listen, act, and share, we are saying, “YES!” to the flow of the universe,

which is dynamic, alive, and charged with immense power. We are proactively


    • I trust my heart by acknowledging and acting on my intuitive wisdom.

    • I love and honor who I am.

    • I respect and stand behind what I have to offer the world.

In contrast, when we do not listen, act, and share, we are made aware of it in

several ways.


    1. First: We feel depressed, intuitively recognizing that we have missed

      an important message meant to open us to new and expanded


    2. Second: We feel sluggish, “stuck,” and unable to see clearly. It’s as if

      our eyes have clouded over and we are trying to look through thick,

      dirty glass.

    3. Third: We contract, which leads us to feel alienated from the ones we

      love, as well as from the world at large.

Inevitably, at different times on our journey, we flip-flop between the two opposites

until we begin to see that we do have choices and we can follow the wisdom of

the heart. When we find the courage to say “yes” to the heart, we are choosing

the response of love calling back to love.


The other response is a non- response where we are frozen in fear and

submerged in self-doubt, reinforced by a belief in lack. Only when we have had

enough of suffering in this way do we finally learn to let go.


At the moment of letting go, we instantly arrive at a place of trust where we wake

up to the truth that the universe is, by its very nature, abundant and willing to take

care of us, if we let it.


Then we realize that bliss is always with us, ready to bubble up and overflow at

any moment, pointing to new pathways and directions for our lives.


Even if we don’t at first see how, when we trust and follow the wisdom of the

heart, doors will magically be carved out of the most impenetrable walls, and we

will be shown a beautiful and unexpected way through.” Julie Hoyle


(*Julie Hoyle is a spiritual teacher, natural intuitive and trans-personal hypnotherapist. You can visit her website here: )


I continue to follow my bliss and apply the above principles to my life. Following

my bliss is what led me to listen to my heart, feel the joy and excitement, take the

plunge, and create this digital store with my own branded skin care line and

cosmetics soon to follow. I wake up every morning excited and inspired, ready to

create and deliver the best products and advice to you beautiful souls! I hope I

can make a positive difference in your life.

Leave a comment and let me know if you're following your bliss. What is your


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