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Wake Up and Be Amazing

Wake Up and Be Amazing

If you want to shed those limiting beliefs and controlling ways, you need to make

some changes. It starts with changing your morning routine. If you want to be

someone different, you need to do something different. You need to act in ways

that are more reflective of what you want to experience rather than living out

emotions of your past.

Don't Stay on Auto-Pilot

Most of the time, we're on auto pilot, we wake up and get out of the same side of

the bed and within 5 minutes of waking we reach for our cell phone and start

scrolling social media, then we have a coffee to further stimulate with caffeine.

We're on a distracted subconscious routine living in a high paced, over stimulated

and addictive society.

When we do things out of habit, such as reach for our cell or a cup of java, it's

because our body is a chemical system — and when our body releases these

chemicals (or hormones) this produces emotions. Emotions are tied to memories

which feel familiar, so doing things out of habit means our body has taken over

our mind. It's seeking the dopamine chemicals that it has become habituated to.

Our physical body quite literally is our subconscious mind. And our subconscious

mind makes up around 95% of our behavior.

We Must Live With Intention

It doesn't have to be this way. We can make the decision to change our pattern.

To enforce our new decisions for new patterns, we must live with intention.

This all starts with having a morning routine. If you want to wake up and feel

amazing, you must create a morning ritual that you follow with intention...

  • Have a set time to get up every morning and don’t sleep in late. Avoid the

    bad habit of staying up late watching Netflix. I know it’s so easy to binge

    watch a series because that darn count down timer at the end of an episode

    doesn’t even give you enough time to find the remote before a new one

    starts! But be firm with yourself and have a set bedtime…. Ok back to the

    a.m. where it all begins.

    • Upon waking, super-hydrate by drinking water! That's right, before you

      do anything else, reach for a full 8 oz glass of water and down it. Water is

      essential for a fully functioning brain and wakes you up quickly. You'll be

      very alert and ready for your day. Water also keeps your joints strong,

      healthy and lubricated. It helps with weight loss since water suppresses

      your appetite, so you don't eat as much. Drinking plenty of water also

      prevents fluid retention, because your body won't try to retain water if it's

      getting enough. And of course drinking plenty of water keeps our skin

      hydrated which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving us

      our youthful appearance.

      • Next, spend some time in meditation or prayer and you'll get flashes of

        insight that allow you to make better decisions. You want to imagine your

        ideal future and then generate the emotions you will experience in that

        future. You also want to generate and fully experience gratitude for future

        events before they happen in order to trigger your brain and body to

        anticipate these future events. You attract what you are. The ability to

        generate epiphanies is something you can absolutely master in your life.

        Your goal is to begin connecting with the highest and best version of

        yourself that you can presently imagine. See, you're starting to create

        momentum and you've already done a couple things from choice and

        intention. I personally don’t even get out of my warm bed, I just prop up and

        start my meditation.

        (I’ll give you total detail about my meditation in a future blog post)

      • Immediately after meditating, pull out your journal.

        I can hear you groaning right now. Have you every journaled? Or maybe

        you do it religiously. Does this bring to mind a picture of your little locked

        diary as a teen? Well, it's no longer like that and it's very popular. It's not

        just about writing your secrets, it's about writing down your stresses and it's

        proven to be good for your health! Yup, that's right!

        Hand-writing your morning journal with a pen and notebook is beneficial to

        the brain. It activates your brain in different ways from typing. A couple of

        the benefits include improved immunity and reducing stress. Doing this

        following meditation has huge benefits to a happy, positive mood.

      • Do something new every single day! Our brain loves making new

        connections and expanding. It's essential to growth and success in life. In

        order to make new connections, we need to do things that are new, every

        single day. So, within our routine, lets do different things. This is the perfect

        place to insert our morning skin care regime. We can change it up every

        day or use a different technique, such as during cleansing, we can cleanse

        with a cloth one day, and the next day use a mechanical silicone cleansing

        brush. One day use our dominant hand (maybe our right) and the next day

        use our left. Below is a guideline you can follow. Feel free to change it up.

        Add some steps or take some away, and switch up your products.

      Morning Skin Care Regime

        1. Cleanse: Cleanser coming soon!

        2. Exfoliate: Using our *My Serenity* Sunflower Scrub. Once you use it, you'll know why it's a top seller!

        3. Tone: Mist with one of our 3 mists - *Love My Mystical*: Natural Rose Mist / Reviving Eucalyptus Mist / Soothing Lavender Mist

        4. Eye cream: *Always Joyful* Anti-Aging Eye Cream  Apply gently on the orbital bone with your ring finger and in the direction your brows grow forming a complete circle.

        5. Day Cream:*Always Peaceful* Anti-Aging Day Cream or for a lighter cream, use *My Manifesting* Moisturizer Cream

        6. SPF and Primer: *I'm Precious* HD Primer or My Water Based *Power* Primer Use for a velvety smooth airbrushed look, before make-up or on it's own! (day-time products with SPF coming in the future)

      • Exercise! After your skin care regime go for a walk, take a yoga class,

        stretch or lift some weights. It really doesn't matter, just start moving...Be

        courageous. Courage is the starting point for all evolution and growth. It

        takes real courage to embrace uncertainties, so if you want to try

        something new, I highly recommend it. Confront your fear for 20 seconds

        every single day and before you know it you'll be on the other side.

        “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~Jack Canfield

      Make sure you enjoy your morning, everything you do and every step

      you take. Try not to worry about the little things. Embrace who you are

      and who you're becoming. Be proud to be you.


      Let me know if you try this routine, or even one part of it. One step at a

      time makes a huge difference. I'd love to hear if I've inspired you.

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