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Make Gratitude Part of Your Night Time Regime

Practicing Gratitude

About 30 years ago, when I first learned about conscious creation and started to

work on manifesting my dream life, I learned about the power of Gratitude. We all

have things in our lives that we’re grateful for, even if you’re in a place of despair

or depression and you've hit rock bottom. Maybe it’s something as small as the

clothes on your back or the last meal you ate. When you practice gratitude, it puts

you in a state of joy and happiness because you’re focusing on what you

appreciate and not what you lack. You’re directing your energy to what is good in

your life and this makes you feel good. By feeling good, you’re exuding a positive


This is what Positive energy does:

    • Attracts happy positive people into your life

    • You not only feel happy emotionally, but you feel better physically

    • Feeling good breeds more feeling good, so you’ll feel happy more often

    • Your vibrations will be higher, so you’ll align with the Universe faster and easier

    • You will manifest what you want fast

I taught my kids at a very young age, the power of practicing gratitude. Each night

as we were tucking them into bed, we’d lay down beside them and ask them to list

5 things that they’re grateful for. They were very young, so it was usually the

same 5 things every night, and it was cute. But it didn't matter, because the

exercise was very powerful in a positive way. They said they’re grateful for:

  • mommy and daddy

  • our dog

  • their toys

  • their bedroom

  • yummy treats

It didn’t matter that they recited the same list every night. The practice made them

focus on what they had and not what they lacked. It put them in a state of

happiness. It was in this state of mind that they fell asleep.


Of all the emotions we feel, one of the most powerful emotional experiences is

gratitude. It is the mother of all virtues. Research shows that gratitude enhances a

person’s life in all areas — 

  • physical

  • emotional

  • relational

  • spiritual

Evening Skin Care Regime

Having an evening skin care regime is very important because while we sleep,our

skin repairs and replenishes itself. When you give it a powerful blend of

antioxidants through creams and serums, you're aiding in cell turn over and

rejuvenation so that you wake up with a visibly younger looking skin.


Attach Gratitude To Your Skin Care

Each night, as you do your skin care regime, attach something you're grateful for

to each product you apply. When you start with your cleanser, think of something

you really appreciate and feel the smile spread. Say in your head, or out loud to

yourself in your bathroom mirror, exactly what it is you're grateful for. It can be in

the form of a mantra. And then expound on it while you're completing the

cleansing routine.


As you move your fingers in circular motions around your face, think of all things

attached to that gratitude. Maybe you said you're grateful for your new job, so as

you massage your skin think about exactly what that is for you. What are the

details? You'll see, once you've said what you're grateful for, images and thoughts

of 'why' will pour into your head. For instance with your new job, you're now

thinking about your kind & supportive new boss and your gorgeous office &

friendly new co-workers...the company benefits, and all your extra holiday time...


Next as you exfoliate, perhaps with your *My Serenity* Sunflower Scrub, attach

another gratitude piece. Maybe you're grateful for your children. Make your

gratitude statement "I'm grateful for my incredible children" and then think about

all the ways you feel grateful for your children as you work your scrub into your

skin. "My children make me laugh when they...., they're so cute when they try to

help me do...., even when they fight I love blank about them....when we have

cuddle time it's the best feeling." And so on...


Try this tonight as you get ready for bed and go through your night time skin care

regime. Come up with at least 5 steps and attach 5 things you're grateful for, one

to each step or product. You'll notice a shift in your mood immediately. If you were

feeling stressed by events of the day, you'll feel lighter. When you lay down in bed

and close your eyes, you'll notice you're smiling, even if just a little. You'll fall

asleep with a higher vibration. You'll sleep better, and wake feeling inspired and

happy. Not to mention you'll have the added bonus of glowing youthful skin.


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