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Being In a State of Appreciation is The Fastest Way to Let Go of Control

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Let Go

If you’ve read Our Story, you know that I believe in the concept ‘we create our own lives, attract what we want to manifest, and therefore consciously create our world’. It’s called Conscious Creation.

You must also know that by nature, I’m an A-type-perfectionist-controller! (I know I have a lot of company)😊 I hope that by passing on to you what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, I will help you find great peace and joy in your life.

When I first started manifesting abundance into my life, I was doing it through a ‘controlling’ manner and wondering why I wasn’t seeing the results I so desired.

As I learned to let go of control and have more faith in the Universe, I became much more relaxed and peaceful. I became more aligned and my desires started to manifest.

Co-Conscious Creation

So back to Conscious Creation. It’s very important for me to rename it: ‘Co-Conscious Creation’, as you’re not doing it alone. In fact, you’re taking the back seat and being guided by the Universe.

I call it the Universe, but it can be God, spirit, intuition, love, inner guidance – whatever name resonates with you. Regardless, I’ve always known there is a nonphysical presence beyond my visible sight that gives us divine guidance.  

At the beginning of January, I started a 21-day Manifesting/Meditating Challenge and I’ve had a ton of fun, plus I’ve found much greater joy & peace than I already had. The Universe is my partner in co-creating my life.


As you know, we’ve given each of our products their own unique name that offers you peace and tranquility. I’ve written a blog for you about practicing gratitude, entitled Make Gratitude Part of Your Night Time Regime, where I guide you through an evening ritual of enhancing your joy and enriching your life by attaching something you're grateful for, to each product you use.

Gratitude is a very effective emotion of feeling thankful. It is a practice.

Appreciation is an action of showing gratitude. It is more of a cognitive act of acknowledging.

My goal, is to help you let go of control and allow the Universe to support your desires. The fastest way to let go is to be in a state of appreciation. When you’re actively showing appreciation, you feel good in your present moment regardless of what’s going on in your life, even if your desires have not yet manifested.

Actively appreciating someone or something is FUN! Therefore, you’ll attract more fun into your life and you’ll actively allow more of what you want to come toward you while dissolving the blocks of control.

Appreciation is a powerful energy that will elevate you. It will open your mind and make you a magnet for what you desire. It will also help lift you up when you’re feeling down.

When your focus is on what’s thriving in your life, you feel good. Feeling good breeds more feeling good and will attract more of what you want.

Many people act in the opposite way and they obsess over what’s not working or thriving because of fear and feeling hopeless. Focusing on the negative only creates more negative in your life.

Have you ever noticed yourself complaining over the smallest thing, yet if you get quiet and think about your life, you realize you have lots to be grateful for? We tend to fixate on the smallest negative thing, even the weather! Complaining gives us temporary relief from our discomfort... but it ends there. It simply breeds more negativity!

And don’t worry if you’re thinking, “but if I appreciate this bad situation, the Universe will interpret that as I’m happy right where I am”. Luckily, it doesn’t work that way. The Universe responds to energy, and then delivers with a vibrational match! So, if you feel good, you’re vibrating higher. The Universe will respond with the same high vibe, and you’ll get closer to your desires faster.

Appreciation opens your mind and puts you in the right state to receive creative solutions. It clears space for you to pay attention to the love, kindness, and support of others. It makes you a magnet for your desires. When you’re in a state of appreciation, you are NOT controlling, you are co-creating with the Universe.

 lady in joy throwing her arms up to the sky

Appreciation Game

During my 21-Day manifesting Challenge, we played a fun game that I’d like to share with you here. You play it with a partner or even a group of people. You can play it with those living in your household or have a Zoom call, or Face-time with your parents, friends, or other extended family.

It’s a simple game and goes like this: You tell someone something you appreciate about them, and then they tell you something they appreciate about you. You can stop after you each say one thing, or if you’re enjoying the fun…keep going! It will raise your good feelings and carry you in joy throughout your day.

I’ve played this with my kids, my mom, and my husband. I’ve even sent out a morning text of appreciation to people that I care about.

My husband and I have tried playing this first thing in the morning when we wake up and it really makes a difference to our day. It sets a tone of better connection and love.

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I appreciate you for reading my blog, and for showing interest in making a positive change in your life. I send much love and light your way. Have a blissful, joyous day!

I’d love to hear about your experience playing the appreciation game. Please leave me a comment below.

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