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  • What Makes a product Vegan? 15 Common Igredients derived from Animals

    You've probably seen that we have a lot of Vegan products, both in our skin care and our cosmetics as well.
    We all know what it means to eat Vegan, but what exactly does this mean in our products? And why would we care about them being Vegan?
  • 7 Benefits of Vitamin C in Your Skin Care

    We All have Vitamin C Naturally Occurring in Our Skin….Until we age! This antioxidant is a natural component of healthy skin and found in abundance in our skin’s outermost two layers, the epidermis and dermis. When we’re young, Vitamin C levels are very abundant in our skin but as we age these levels naturally deplete. Research has proven that Vitamin C is one of the most exciting ingredients that you can apply to your skin! How do we apply and what are it's benefits?...